iTunesControl 0.53

Displays in a small window what's playing in iTunes


  • Lighter on CPU than iTunes
  • Gives you control over iTunes via keyboard


  • May crash after iTunes updates
  • Interface unattractive

If you're an iTunes fan, but not a big fan of the amount of memory it tends to use, then this could be something to make your life easier.

ITunesControl simply displays a popup which enables you to see exactly which song you're listening to without having iTunes fully expanded. It appears at the centre-bottom of your screen with a small image of the album cover if available. The biggest bonus for most users however, will be the fact that it allows much greater control of iTunes via the keyboard which is great if you don't have a multimedia PC keyboard. The controls are basic but better than nothing. However, you may experience problems when iTunes updates according to some users. The program is liable to crashes after an update but the developers claim that simply reinstalling iTunes should solve this problem as long as you restart your computer in between.
The program is also a big bonus in that it has a very small CPU footprint so it won't hog your PC's memory usage unlike iTunes tends to.

A useful little utility especially for those on slower machines although it could have been given a nicer look and may crash after updates.

Fixed "Show/Hide iTunes" causing an extra window to appear


  • Fixed "Show/Hide iTunes" causing an extra window to appear

iTunesControl is a free, light-weight program designed to add useful features to iTunes. It adds visual feedback on track changes, a sleep timer, over 30 customizable global hotkeys, and more.

iTunesControl works with iTunes 4.6 and above and runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista so get going with it today!



iTunesControl 0.53

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